7-Day Isolation Food Box

7-Day Isolation Food Box


Contents includes*:



Porridge/Cereal Selection

Toast & Jam (Mixed flavours)



Macaroni Pasta with Cheesy Sauce

Jalfrezi Curry & Rice x2

Pesto Pasta x2

Beef Ravoli 

Roasted Veg Cous Cous with BBQ Glaze

Heinz Soup x2

Branston Beans on Toast x2

Tuna Mayo Sweetcorn Sandwich

Kabuto Noodle Pot x2



Cadbury Brunch Bars

Cadbury Chocolate Fingers

Piper's Crisps x5 



Milk (1 Litre)

Orange Juice (1 Litre)


*Exact contents may vary 

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Real Wrap Co. Published 27th Aug 2020