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Our ciabatta paninis are a Real Wrap classic - microwavable or oven-able - able to be hot held for up to 4 hoursTraditional flavours made using quality ingredients. To find out the latest products we can offer you call us on 0117 329 5020 or send us an email.

Ham & Cheese

Smoked ham and mature cheddar cheese

on a bar marked ciabatta

Pesto Chicken Melt

Chicken with pesto bechamel, mozzarella cheese, tomato & rocket on a bar marked ciabatta

Tuna Melt

Tuna mayonnaise and mature cheddar cheese

in a bar marked ciabatta

Cheese & Pizza Sauce

Cheddar cheese and herby tomato sauce

on a bar marked ciabatta

Veggie Marinara

Mozzarella, grilled peppers with slow roast tomatoes & herby tomato sauce with pesto bechamel on a bar marked ciabatta

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