Please ensure that you fill in the following fields.

If you only require a particular item and are not after a whole fridge re-brand then select from the list below what you would like to order. 

Please note that this application form is per fridge. If you have multiple fridges at your location you will have to submit multiple forms. Please ensure that the customer name is the same so we can log the multiple forms under one request.

If you would like your own brand logo and colours included in the design please upload your logo here. Write your brand's hex colour codes in the additional information field.   

Upload supported file (Max 15MB)

If you have a fridge with shelf edgings that are designed to have inserts then you need reinforced card strips. If not then you will need foam board strips that are attached with double-sided foam tape. 

Upload supported file (Max 15MB)

If your side panel has a curved edge, please send the exact measurements to avoid install wows.

 We recommend that if you have selected price band shelf edge strips, you don't also order shelf-talkers. If you have selected blank strips, shelf talkers are perfect for you. Our shelf talkers are 100mmx150mm.

Subject of your sticker could be meal deal for example.

We custom design stickers to suit your fridge. Please provide more information on your request. Such as, How many would you like?

If it is easier you can upload a picture of where you would like to apply one of our stickers.

but it is not a requirement.

Upload supported file (Max 15MB)
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Real Wrap Co. Published 27th Aug 2020