• phillippe gill

    Keeping the factory running and products moving is our operations marvel, what he doesn't know about machinery and logistics isn't worth knowing.

  • jason howell

    Our very own David Brent 2.0, working relentlessly day and night to keep our customers happy, our products moving and our business growing.

  • chloe somerville

    Together with a team of talented creatives and product developers, Chloe keeps our brand looking fresh, menus innovative and customers happy.

  • pete elliott

    One of our longest-serving 'wrappers', Pete keeps the engine running by heading up our operations, logistics and admin teams.

  • rebecca phillips

    Heading up our production and technical teams is Rebecca, who brings a fountain of manufacturing knowledge and experience to our team.

  • gemma dare

    Keeping our staff informed and supported is Gemma our HR Manager A.K.A

    The Chief of Happiness and overall Wellbeing. 

  • robyn lisle

    With hands-on experience in nearly every team at Real Wrap Co, there isn't much that Robyn and her friendly team can't help our customers with.

  • kelly church

    The all important money machine making sure our bills our paid and invoices are received, a true finance maverick.

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Real Wrap Co. Published 27th Aug 2020